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Hat there is shade , decorative , warming and protection and so

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Hat there is shade , decorative , warming and protection and so on . So many different types of options also pay attention to . First, we must choose the right face of the hat. Second, we must be selected according to their body hat . Wearing a hat and wearing the same clothes , to try to avoid weaknesses. The form and color hat and dress , etc. , etc. must be matched . For the hair warm cold Head is called " Zhu Yang Hui ." Medical studies have found that stationary state do not wear hats in the environment Kids temperature is 15 ℃, the heat loss from the head of total body heat 30%, 4 ℃ when the bulk 60% of total calories . If the head catch cold , can cause cerebral vasoconstriction , ranging feel dizziness, headache, or cause scalp hair follicle nutrient cycle disorders and metabolic disorders , leading to nutritional imbalance or Mens a large number of hair unnatural hair loss. Some may also induce severe disease patronize. Thus, in the cold winter , head and other parts of the body , but also need warm cold . For the hair dust pollution prevention Winter wind, dust and more, especially in today's increasingly serious pollution of the times, when the hair was blown messy invisible at the same time , dip in the microorganisms in the head hair and dust like sandpaper on the gravel , while in your wreak havoc on the scalp , while in your daily hair and actions to increase the comb and the hair and the hair between the friction. Those invisible microbes may cause your Womens scalp bacteria , and even cause hair follicle infection, directly affect the living environment and the growth of hair quality . The friction is caused by the surface of the hair cuticle hair curled, the hair surface becomes rough, can lead to serious hair split ends, broken. At this time, wearing a comfortable and stylish hat , is tantamount to the hair wearing a protective function both beautiful coat, effectively block the dust and microorganisms .

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