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Hats introduced species

Monday, September 9th, 2013

Hat hat wide variety of species, by purpose: There is snow cap, rain-hat, sun hats, helmets, dust cap, night cap, work cap, travel cap, hat, etc.; connection with objects and style points, there are Male cap, bonnet, bonnet, children hat, minority cap, couple caps, cowboy hats, sailor hat, cap, caps, hats, and other career; press with the materials, there are fur hats, felt hats, wool hats , long hair Fu cap domesticated hen hats, straw hats, bamboo hats, etc.; characterized by style points, there beret, cap, bell-shaped hat, triangular pointed hat, cap forward, youth hat, scarf hats, bonnets, Longjiang cap, Beijing-style cap, Shanxi cap, cotton ear caps, octagonal cap, skullcap, tiger hat and so on. Hat size to “No” to that. Hat part of it is under the cap label inner mouth with tape measure under the cap inner circumference of the mouth, and the resulting data is the cap number. “No.” is based on head circumference size formulated. Take the cap number is the amount of head circumference with a tape measure (over the forehead and the back of the head the most prominent parts of) one week, a tape measure can turn a little, then the head circumference of head circumference size. Determined based on head circumference size cap number.